Castle xlx esc

SKU: 819326010934

For 1/5 scale ultra high performance vehicles weighing up to
30lbs (13.6kg)
Adjustable 20A peak BEC handles powerful servos and electrical
components that run off of the ESC
Link Live software enhancement allows drivers to experience
real-time telemetry data such as battery voltage, battery current,
and ESC temperature
User programmable auxiliary wire allows drivers to make on-the-fly
adjustments using their transmitter through the Castle Link
Programming system
Profiles can be custom designed on a PC with the Castle Link
PC programming software (software not included, can be
downloaded for free from Castle's website, voucher is included for
free Castle Link Programmer)
On the Fly Programming modes include;
Max Throttle Percentage Adjustment
Max Reverse Percentage Adjustment
Max Brake Percentage Adjustment
Drag Brake Adjustment
Reverse Enable/Disable
Torque Control Adjustment
Datalog Erase
One year limited warranty through Castle Creations beginning at date
of purchase